SOS: Save Our Skin series — Madecassoside

SOS: 우리의 피부를 구하세요 — Madecassoside

In this first part of our new Save Our Skin mini blog series, we’re gonna have a seeeerious conversation about Madecassoside and why it feels like everyone is on it right now! 

So you’ve definitely heard of madecassoside. 

It's the powerhouse skincare ingredient that's been getting a ton of hype on TikTok and beauty magazines lately. And if this is the first you’re hearing about it, you’re in the right place. (Don’t worry, it’s all good stuff!)

Madecassoside is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory ingredient that's becoming more and more popular in skincare products, especially K-beauty! It's a superstar component of Centella Asiatica, the popular K-beauty ingredient hyped for its amazing soothing and wound healing properties (link to honey and propolis). It's what makes it such a great choice for sensitive skin, and especially for those who are prone to flare ups and breakouts

The reason is its chemical make-up; Madecassoside is rich in amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids and phytochemicals, which are all ingredients we need to maintain a healthy skin barrier. 

In addition, Madecassoside is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, which means that it'll help reduce free radicals and inhibit inflammation in your skin. You can use this amazing ingredient as often as necessary. It's gentle enough for daily and even twice-daily use, and combines well with other ingredients in your routine too!

Its antioxidant properties are especially powerful when paired with vitamin C (which also helps with acne), so if you're looking for something extra soothing or hydrating, consider combining madecassoside with hyaluronic acid or another topical vitamin C product.

A major plus point: Since there are no known ingredients that interact negatively with madecassoside, it can even be paired with many potentially-irritating actives because of its soothing effects! 

And if you’re experiencing irritation by strong retinoids or harsh acids in your routine, products that contain Madecassoside can help restore the skin barrier. Check out Honey Oat Water Cream, a soothing lightweight moisturiser that contains Madecassoside and 44% Centella Asiatica extract.

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