closeup of woman with natural skin texture and pores

스킨케어 신화: 모공에 관한 진실 1부

Ever glanced in the mirror and wondered when your pores became so *insert negative term taught to us by the beauty industry*? We know we’re not the only ones who relate!

Terms like large pores, rough texture, and pitted skin from all those air-brushed beauty ads unsurprisingly bring about feelings of inadequacy and self-consciousness in us—and they were designed to!

But we’re here to deliver a PSA. (You probably already know this, but we thought we’d just remind you anyway!)

Pores. Are. Natural. 

And in this mini blog series, we break down common myths about pores that the beauty industry wants us to believe, but are simply not true. 


Myth #1: Poreless skin

Everyone has pores, and we mean everyone! But with Facetune and Photoshop, they’ve been completely erased and replaced with the impossible beauty standard of perfect, flawless skin. 

Pores are nothing to be ashamed about, they’re actually essential to skin renewal and health. These openings in our skin allow dirt, sweat and waste to pass out from our bodies, and they are also crucial for our skin to breathe. Without them our skin would be congested, clogged and simply unable to perform their natural functions or maintain a healthy barrier for our bodies. 

In short, pores, whether small or visibly larger, are completely normal. Poreless skin, however, is a total myth! What we should celebrate isn’t perfect skin, but natural skin that’s healthy. 

A good skincare routine that includes gentle acids and exfoliants is usually enough to keep our pores clear of debris and clogging. This allows our skin to repair itself, and in doing so reduce the appearance of widened pores or blackheads.

One of our favorite ingredients for clear pores is Salicylic acid, a BHA that breaks down oils and dead skin cells to keep the pores breathable and congestion-free for a healthy skin barrier. 

If you’re looking for an exfoliating toner that is also gentle and soothing enough to use daily, check out Papaya Water Toner with Cicamide! It combines gentle exfoliating acids with hydrating ingredients like Centella Asiatica and Niacinamide, which is a major plus in our books. 

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