Skincare Myths: The Truth About Pores Pt. 2

Skincare Myths: The Truth About Pores Pt. 2

Ever taken a look in the mirror and despaired over how your pores have started to look so obvious? 

We’re here to deliver a PSA. (You probably already know this, but we thought we’d just remind you anyway!)

Pores. Are. Natural. 

In this mini blog series, we break down common myths about pores that the beauty industry wants us to believe, but are simply not true! 

Myth #2: Icing your pores can shrink them instantly

We’ve seen the TikToks of beauty influencers filling rubber icing capsules (or even old lipstick cases) with water or aloe vera gel and popping them in the freezer, and then using them on their cheeks and face–all in the hopes of vanishing away facial pores. Some of us have probably even tried it! (We know we did... Oops!)

We totally get the hype. It makes your skin feel tighter and oh-so-refreshed, and your skin might even look hydrated immediately after because of the cooling sensation of the ice. It’s like your skin has magically improved in five minutes! 

But here’s the kicker… That effect doesn’t last. And at its worst, icing can even cause shock and cold burns to your skin and damage your skin barrier. Over time, the thinner skin under your eyes and around your nostrils could also become injured, leading to darkened or uneven patches because of damage to the capillaries, which are the tiny, delicate blood vessels that sit just under the surface of the skin. Yikes!

The truth is that outside of dermatological methods at the doctor’s, there is no quick and easy way to instantly make your pores smaller.

However, a good skincare routine that includes gentle acids and exfoliants may help to keep pores clear of blackheads and clogging, and in so, reduce the appearance of widened pores.

Keeping your pores free from dead skin cells and congestion also prevents the epidermis from stretching and looking larger, therefore naturally “shrinking” or minimising the look of pores over time.

One of our favorite ingredients for clear pores is Salicylic acid, a BHA that breaks down oils and dead skin cells to keep the pores breathable and congestion-free for a healthy skin barrier. 

If you’re looking for an exfoliating toner that is also gentle and soothing enough for daily use, check out Papaya Water Toner! It combines gentle exfoliating acids with hydrating ingredients like Centella Asiatica, Niacinamide and Antioxidants, which is a major plus in our books. 

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