Sustainable Packaging and Why It Matters

Sustainable Packaging and Why It Matters

Time is ticking.

Every year, millions of tonnes of micro plastics enter our land and oceans, infiltrating our ecosystems through the products we use and the foods we consume. 

The United Nations estimate that we have just under a decade before climate change is irreversible, and unfortunately the effects of prolonged irresponsibility towards our Earth can already be seen with rising temperatures and sea levels around the world.

We only have one planet, and protecting it starts with us. With consumerism on the rise, Kausy's commitment is to do as little harm to the environment as possible through our products, starting with our glass bottles and jars all the way to our packaging and boxes. 

Glass Packaging

We use only recyclable packaging where we can, and our bottles and jars are made entirely from glass so we do not introduce unnecessary plastic into our environment. Our bottles and jars are 100% recyclable, and we encourage you to recycle them locally or upcycle them in your home to give them a second life. 

We’re currently working towards our 2024 goal of having zero virgin plastic in our packaging, and replacing our caps and lids with post-consumer recycled plastic instead.

FSC-Certified Paper Mills & Soy Ink

We partner closely with FSC-certified paper mills and factories that source from sustainable forests. Where possible, our paper products, from info cards to mailer boxes, are made with recycled or responsibly-sourced paper. Our skincare packaging boxes are also printed using soy ink from plant sources, versus traditional industry ink, which is petroleum-based. Soy ink is biodegradable and breaks down quicker than regular ink. This means that our paper boxes, just like our glass bottles and jars, are entirely recyclable as well!

Have an idea for how we can move closer towards sustainability? Let us know at!
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