Social Impact

We take action for a just future and a habitable planet through our social responsibility and support for climate, gender equality, racial equity, and human rights

Our Pillars

Since the brand's beginning, we have made both monetary and product-based donations to national and regional causes. While diverse in their mission, every organization we have supported has a purpose especially close to our hearts, such as:


Environmental preservation
Community involvement and conversations
Awareness & empathy


Female empowerment & education Supporting marginalized racial groups Advancing interests of LGBTQ community


Asian heritage
Arts & Culture
Transformative moments & bonds

Supporting charities and organisations

We aim to expand our support in 2022 for charities involving marginalised and underrepresented groups, and we want you to be a part of our donation process!

Do you have a charity that holds a special meaning to you? Is there a non-profit organization you know of that can benefit from our products?

If so, we’d love to know more. Email us at to let us know of charities you want to see us support. We'll share quarterly updates with you about our donations and outreach efforts.


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